‘Greatest foreign policy humiliation’: Trump assails Biden for botched exit from Afghanistan
‘Greatest foreign policy humiliation’: Trump assails Biden for botched exit from Afghanistan

Previous President Donald Trump dispatched on Saturday a supported assault on President Joe Biden's treatment of the retreat of US powers from Afghanistan, which he called "the best international strategy embarrassment" in US history.

Trump, a Republican who has hung the chance of running again for president in 2024, has more than once accused Biden, a Democrat, for Afghanistan's tumble to the Islamist assailant Taliban, despite the fact that the US withdrawal that set off the breakdown was haggled by his own organization.

"Biden's bungled exit from Afghanistan is the most astounding showcase of gross ineptitude by a country's chief, maybe whenever," Trump said at an uproarious meeting loaded with his allies close to Cullman, Alabama.

Taliban pioneers are attempting to work out another administration after their powers cleared the nation over as US-drove powers pulled out following twenty years, with the Western-upheld government and military disintegrating.

As far as it matters for him, Biden has censured the Afghan military for declining to battle, reprimanded the now-removed Afghan government and proclaimed he acquired an awful withdrawal arrangement from Trump.

At the assembly, Trump put the circumstance on Biden not having followed the arrangement his organization thought of and lamented US faculty and gear being abandoned as troops pulled out.

"This isn't a withdrawal. This was a complete acquiescence," he said.

Trump said the Taliban, with whom he had arranged, regarded him. He recommended the fast takeover of Afghanistan would not have occurred in case he was as yet in office.

"We might have gotten out with honor," Trump added. "We ought to have gotten out with honor. What's more, rather we got out with the specific inverse of honor."

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