Hackers Can Use LED Bulbs To Spy On You: Research
Hackers Can Use LED Bulbs To Spy On You: Research

Researchers from Ben-Gurion University located in the Nigev, Israel, have discovered how an LED bulb or any other LED device installed in the house can become an alarm bell for you.

As science has progressed day and night, in the same way life has become easier, but many types of dangers have also increased. Hacking is also one of these dangers. Now you will be even more surprised to know that hackers can also spy on you through the LED bulb installed in your house. Hackers can know what you are talking to and with whom you are talking with the help of LED bulbs installed in your drawing room from 80 feet away.

All technology has changed

Researchers from Bengurion University located in the Nigev, Israel, have discovered how an LED bulb or any other LED device installed in the house can become an alarm bell for you. These researchers are associated with the cyber unit of the university. According to the research, gaining network access through passwords or targeting software or operating systems has now become a thing of the past for hackers. According to a report published in Ars Technica, the old military techniques have now been completely replaced by hackers.

Old techniques of cold war

The National Security Agency, which is codenamed Temptest, has found out about some such methods, which are really shocking. Hackers have now acquired such capability under astonishing methods. This method is influenced by the Cold War era. During the Cold War, a laser microphone was used on the window to get information about the enemy’s every move. Hackers have started using this technology for themselves by changing it a bit.

New method of hacking

According to researchers, glowworm is a new type of tempest attack. In this, the sound coming from the LED power indicator of a device is achieved. You cannot see the unstable LED with your own eyes. There is instability for a few minutes due to high voltage in the speaker or the USB to which they are connected. This method has been tested on smart speakers and PC speakers.

The telescope helps

In this, the LED is directly connected to the power line. Here the capacity of the LED and how much power it is using, is also not taken into account. Hacking just requires a telescope that is connected to an electro-optical sensor. Once this happens, then hackers can listen to your every conversation from a distance of 100 feet and keep a close watch on you.

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