194 Afghans held for rioting in Peshawar
194 Afghans held for rioting in Peshawar

PESHAWAR: The police have captured 194 Afghan nationals here on the charges of revolting, harming public property and yelling trademarks against Pakistan during the festivals of their country's Independence Day on Thursday night.

The episode happened at Phase III Chowk of the Hayatabad area, where scores of Afghan nationals displayed at praise the Independence Day of Afghanistan.

In an explanation, the city police said that the conflicts ejected among Afghan and Pakistan adolescents after they had warmed trades over the conclusion of Phase III Chowk, which caused a public annoyance.

Police official demands captured men will be extradited

They said that when their work force arrived at the scene and attempted to open the street, the Afghan nationals offered obstruction and pelted them with stones.

The city police added that they arrested 20 agitators there and eight additional in the University Town area.

After the incident,the police conveyed their staff at the Phase III Chowk and encompassing regions in huge numbers to forestall any untoward circumstance and brought scores of suspects into their authority.

They said that they were attempting to check the character of agitators.

Rahim Khan, an inhabitant of Hayatabad region, disclosed to Dawn that an enormous number of young people had accumulated at the crossing point and yelled trademarks against the Afghan Taliban, while some played music at to the max.

He said that local people likewise came to there subsequent to finding out about the Afghanistan Independence Day festivities through WhatsApp gatherings.

The inhabitant said that as the police started capturing Afghan nationals, the crowd went to different pieces of Hayatabad territory waving Afghanistan's public banners.

Kashif Ahmad, another inhabitant, said that local people heard clamor and yelling of trademarks, which were trailed by the hints of shots.

The police demanded that no endured wounds in the conflicts among Pakistani and Afghan youth.

A senior police official disclosed to Dawn that the police had enlisted FIRs against the speculated agitators at Hayatabad, University Town and Tehkal police headquarters.

He added that a sum of four FIRs were enrolled against the suspects.

The authority said that the police had additionally added different areas of the Foreigners Act to the FIR and intended to extradite agitators on the court's requests.

He said the FIRs were enlisted under areas 153-A, 147, 148, 149, 341 and 427 of the Pakistan Penal Code for spreading contempt, revolting, unlawful get together, improper restriction and making harms the property and Section 14 of the Foreigners Act.

In the mean time, the city police on Friday introduced the speculated agitators before the legal justice, who sent them to imprison on 14 days remand.

The Afghan youth ordinarily take out meetings just before Afghanistan's Independence Day, which falls on Aug 19.

Be that as it may, the festivals occurred in the shadow of the fall of Kabul to the Afghan Taliban and resulting conflicts between the Afghan youth and Taliban aggressors over the last's endeavors to eliminate Afghanistan's public banner with their outfit's white banner.

A few group lost life during fights over banner issue in various pieces of the conflict torn country.

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