US diplomats sent cable in mid-July warning of potential swift Taliban takeover -WSJ report
US diplomats sent cable in mid-July warning of potential swift Taliban takeover -WSJ report


Around two dozen US negotiators in Afghanistan sent an interior link last month cautioning Secretary of State Antony Blinken of the possible fall of Kabul to the Taliban as US troops pulled out from the country, The Wall Street Journal wrote about Thursday.

The paper said the private link sent through an alleged difference channel was endorsed on July 13 and submitted proposals on approaches to moderate the emergency and speed up a clearing.

The organization has been condemned for passing on endeavors to get American ambassadors and different residents, also Afghan partners, out of the country, until after a Taliban takeover was well in progress.

US authorities declined to affirm explicit subtleties or offer the substance of the link.

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"I think the link reflects what we've said from the start, which is no one had this spot on in anticipating that the public authority and multitude of Afghanistan planned to fall in only days," White House representative public safety guide Jonathan Finer told CNN.

A source acquainted with the circumstance said the State Department accepted the worries of the individuals who drafted the link, including by censuring the Taliban's outrages in front of the gathering holding onto the Afghan capital Kabul on Sunday.

State Department representative Ned Price said negotiators' perspectives imparted to Blinken through the channel were fused into strategy and arranging.

"We esteem useful inside disagree. It's devoted. It's ensured. What's more, it makes us more compelling," Price said.

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