Pak-Afghan trade picks up as Taliban seize control
Pak-Afghan trade picks up as Taliban seize control


Business traffic across Afghanistan's boundary with Pakistan at the Spin Boldak/Chaman crossing got on Thursday, merchants said, as the shock of the Taliban's lightning capture of force started to simplicity and certainty returned.

Regardless of the Ashura occasion, loads of farming produce from Kandahar territory were driven across the boundary, a sign that exchange was starting to get back to business as usual.

"Today, many trucks stacked with new natural product (from Afghanistan), including renowned 'Separate Khani' grapes, were cleared at Customs House Chaman," a senior Custom Officer told Reuters through WhatsApp.

He said development was solid in the two ways, with since a long time ago bodied trucks stacked with fare and Afghan travel merchandise additionally going from Pakistan to Afghanistan's Spin Boldak and the close by common capital of Kandahar.

Alongside the Tokham crossing close to Peshawar, Chaman is one of the principle shipping lanes among Afghanistan and Pakistan, giving a reasonable image of financial action between them.

The Pakistani authority, who couldn't be cited by name, said exchange had gotten over late days in the wake of battling finished in Kandahar last week and the fall of Kabul on Sunday gave the Taliban unlimited oversight of the country.

"After the Taliban assumed responsibility for Kabul, exchange was expanded from the two sides and void trucks were likewise returning to Chaman with no trouble," he said.

The Vice President of Pak-Afghan joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Imran Khan Kakar, disclosed to Reuters that Pakistani drivers had recently dealt with issues getting back from Afghanistan.

He said the police and other outfitted individuals had been permitting void trucks to continue solely after taking installments going from Rs10,000-20,000.

"Since the arrival of the Taliban, there have been no such issues," Kakar added.

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