Karzai urges unity among Afghans for lasting peace
Karzai urges unity among Afghans for lasting peace


Previous Afghanistan president Hamid Karzai said on Friday that it was the ideal opportunity for all Afghans to hold hands for the advancement of war-torn Afghanistan, particularly its instructive and formative advancement.

The ex-president shared this message on his Twitter handle as he congratulated the Afghan individuals on the 102nd freedom commemoration of Afghanistan.

Karzai trusted that enduring harmony will be set up in Afghanistan after the decades' end long conflict.

He said that Afghans have battled for their country with full solidarity and fortitude through their set of experiences, adding that unrivaled penances were made for the assurance of regional respectability and public freedom.

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The time has come to carry enduring harmony and flourishing to individuals, Karzai said. "May the memory of the relative multitude of saints and champions of Afghanistan's freedom be alive," he asked.

A day prior, individuals in Afghanistan came out on the roads conveying public banners as they denoted their freedom day in disobedience of Taliban rule.

In the interim, the Taliban, who took over Kabul last week, commended freedom day by proclaiming it has beaten the United States. Something like two individuals were killed after the Taliban started shooting at a group praising autonomy day in Asadabad city in Kunar territory.

In Jalalabad, Taliban warriors terminated at individuals waving the Afghan banner during freedom day festivities, harming a man and a teen kid.

In certain spots, dissidents destroyed white Taliban banners, as indicated by media. The media revealed comparative scenes in Asadabad and another eastern city, Khost, on Wednesday.

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