Pilot hailed for dealing with crisis-like situation at Kabul airport
Pilot hailed for dealing with crisis-like situation at Kabul airport

RAWALPINDI: Pakistan Internat­ional Airlines (PIA) Chief Executive Officer Arshad Malik has applauded Captain Maqsood Bajrani for bringing a PIA departure from Kabul during an emergency like circumstance on Sunday.

"In an emergency circumstance, the utilization of getting, experience and abilities is an indication of a genuine expert," the PIA CEO said.

He said when the circumstance in Kabul disintegrated, the commander reached PIA the board.

Chief Bajrani of Airbus A320 was holding back to get freedom from Air Traffic Control when the Taliban assumed responsibility for Afghanistan on Sunday. "Take your own choice," one of the lodge group said following which Captain Bajrani of PIA flight PK6252 decided to take off for Islamabad.

While crisis had been proclaimed at the air terminal as thick dark smoke emanating from the encompassing slopes could be seen from the plane, the PIA Airbus A320 was kept waiting.

A group part said the commander expeditiously chose to take off in the wake of making an unexpected declaration that they were prepared to take off for Islamabad. She said soon thereafter the plane began moving with fast to take off, it was on the grounds that the skipper was following two military aircraft running in front of the PIA plane as he suspected it better to follow them.

The group took a murmur of alleviation when the commander educated them that they had gone into the domain of Pakistan. The plane arrived at Islamabad International Airport at about 7.10pm on Sunday.

As the plane arrived at the air terminal and its entryway opened, a PIA staff part hit on the plane and told the group that he had a significant note for the commander from the CEO.

In his message, the CEO applauded Captain Bajrani for bringing the departure from Kabul after the circumstance decayed, as he flew securely in unfriendly conditions in the wake of advising the PIA the board.

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