Lauren Boebert Blasted For Mocking Afghans Trying to Flee Taliban Rule
Lauren Boebert Blasted For Mocking Afghans Trying to Flee Taliban Rule

GOP senator Lauren Boebert has been condemned for seeming to communicate support for the Taliban and furthermore taunting film showing a few Afghans sticking to a U.S. military plane on Monday.

Boebert has been a vocal pundit of President Joe Biden's choice to pull out U.S. powers from Afghanistan in a move that has seen Taliban guerillas hold onto control of a large part of the country over the previous week.

Be that as it may, her most recent tweets have not agreed with numerous via online media, who rushed to berate the green bean Representative over her selection of words.

The discussion started when the Colorado Republican tweeted: "The Taliban are the lone individuals working back better," in obvious reference to Biden's monetary recuperation plan for the U.S.

Boebert's comment drew inescapable outrage and criticism on Twitter.

Fred Wellman, a resigned armed force official and the leader overseer of the Lincoln Project, expressed: "The Taliban killed more than 2,448 US military individuals and you simply spit on their graves you wiped out, contorted, harmful, spoiled lady. You think this is smart? A gotcha of the "libs"? Our adversaries aren't a zinger for your tweets. We will always remember your double-crossing bulls***."

Individual US Army veteran David Weissman was comparably scorching in his reaction, expressing: "I'm not astonished that somebody who aided organize the January sixth rebellion would be on a similar side as the Taliban."

California representative Eric Salwell repeated those comments, remarking: "Bodes well. You attempted to topple the US government so obviously you support the defeat of the Afghan government."

VoteVets, an association helping choose veterans for office under an order of reformist qualities, additionally pummeled the tweet, expressing "Erase your record."

Molly Jong-Fast, the editorial manager of The Daily Beast, remarked: "I can't trust you serve in congress," while previous NBA star Rex Chapman marked Boebert a "backstabber."

A few different clients likewise uncovered a portion of Boebert's past tweets requiring the U.S. to "end the unlimited conflicts" in areas like Afghanistan.

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