Callaway Epic Super Hybrid (2021)
Callaway Epic Super Hybrid (2021)

Gear: Callaway Epic Super Hybrid
Price: $399.99 with Steelfiber FC Hybrid shaft and Lamkin UTx grip
Specs: Carbon-fiber crown, titanium chassis and face with internal tungsten weights and stainless steel support bars. 16-, 18-, 21-, 24- and 27-degree options
Available: Sept. 9, 2021

Imagine a golf equipment maker crammed several driver technologies and features into a club that could not only be hit off the tee, but also off the turf instead of a long iron. That’s precisely what Callaway has done to develop the new Epic Super Hybrid. From titanium and carbon fiber to internal tungsten weights, chassis-stiffening bars and an adjustable hosel, it’s all here.

Earlier this year Callaway debuted an updated version of its Jailbreak system in the Epic Speed driver family. Callaway has featured an internal pair of bars behind the hitting area called Jailbreak for a few seasons, and by connecting the sole and crown, they stiffen the frame at impact and help redirect more energy back into the shot.

Like the bars in the new drivers, the Epic Super Hybrid’s bars are spread farther apart and angled outward because Callaway’s research showed engineers this was a more efficient way to create vertical stiffness without slowing the face.

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