Pakistan ‘closely following unfolding situation’ in Afghanistan: FO
Pakistan ‘closely following unfolding situation’ in Afghanistan: FO

As Taliban moved further into Kabul, Pakistan on Sunday said it was "intently following the unfurling circumstance" in Afghanistan, and would keep on supporting the endeavors for a political settlement.

"We trust all Afghan sides will cooperate to determine this inside political emergency," the Foreign Office said in an articulation.

It said the Pakistan consulate in Kabul was "expanding important help" to Pakistanis, Afghans and the strategic and worldwide local area for consular work and coordination of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flights.

An exceptional between pastoral cell has been set up in the Ministry of Interior to work with visa/appearance matters for strategic staff, UN offices, worldwide associations, media and others, it added.

Talking about the circumstance in Afghanistan at a question and answer session in Multan, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said Pakistan had more than once accentuated that Afghanistan's issues "have no tactical arrangement".

"The world and Pakistan are in total agreement, that the Afghan issue be addressed through talks and arrangement and a momentary arrangement arises in a tranquil manner which is comprehensive and wide based," he said.

Naming the continuous emergency "snapshots of preliminary" for the Afghan initiative, the pastor said Pakistan trusted that Afghan residents' privileges were secured and the issue was tackled through talks.

Qureshi said Islamabad played filled the role of a facilitator in the harmony cycle, and its discretionary effort would proceed. "After Ashura, I will contact diverse Afghan neighbors and trade considerations so we can go toward a quiet arrangement," he added.

Afghan appointment arrives at Pakistan to talk about 'matters of common interest'

In the mean time, an Afghan political designation drove by Wolesi Jirga Speaker Mir Rahman Rahmani showed up in Pakistan on Sunday evening.

The designation was gotten by Pakistan's Special Representative for Afghanistan Mohammad Sadiq, who said on Twitter that the meeting bunch included Salahuddin Rabbani, Mohammad Yunus Qanooni, Ustad Mohammad Karim Khalili, Ahmad Zia Massoud, Ahmad Wali Massoud, Abdul Latif Pedram, Ustad Mohammad Mohaqiq and Khalid Noor.

"Matters of shared interest will be talked about during the Afghan political authority's visit," Sadiq added.

Qureshi gets call from British partner, stresses need for 'steady commitment' with Afghan pioneers

Qureshi likewise got a call from Britain Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Dominic Raab, as per a public statement by the Foreign Office.

During the call, Qureshi "surveyed the quickly advancing circumstance in Afghanistan" with his British partner.

The unfamiliar priest repeated Pakistan's "unfaltering help for a quiet settlement" and expressed that the circumstance in Afghanistan required "worldwide local area's predictable commitment with the Afghan chiefs to guarantee a serene and stable Afghanistan".

Qureshi, according to the FO explanation, "communicated trust that the Afghan chiefs would exploit global combination on the side of harmony and compromise measure".

He likewise advised Secretary Raab about Pakistan's "endeavors to completely work with the departure of faculty and staff of political missions, worldwide associations, media and others, as mentioned".

"The unfamiliar priest emphasized the solicitation to his partner for the following round of Enhanced Strategic Dialog (ESD) in Islamabad," the FO public statement added.

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