Former K-pop singer Seungri jailed for three years over prostitution, fraud scandal
Former K-pop singer Seungri jailed for three years over prostitution, fraud scandal

Previous South Korean K-pop star known as Seungri was condemned to three years in jail and fined almost $1 million on Thursday after a court indicted him for wrongdoings including obtaining whores for likely financial backers, nearby media detailed.

The preliminary of Seungri, whose genuine name is Lee Seung-hyun, is important for a broad outrage including an organization of pop stars, money managers and cops asserted to have connived and empowered tax avoidance, pay off, and prostitution at probably the glitziest clubs in Seoul's fancy Gangnam region.

Lee, 30, a previous individual from hit bunch BIGBANG, was called up for required military assistance not long after his prosecution, provoking his preliminary to be moved to a tactical court.

The court saw Lee as liable of nine charges, including stealing assets from the clubs, abroad betting, and obtaining whores for unfamiliar financial backers in his business, Yonhap announced. South Korean residents are prohibited by law from betting at gambling clubs in any event, when voyaging abroad.

Lee, who showed up in uniform at the tactical court in Yongin, south of Seoul, shook his head as he paid attention to the sentence, which additionally incorporated a request for him to pay a fine worth 1.15 billion won ($990,000).

Reuters endeavors to arrive at the tactical court and Lee's attorney for input were not quickly fruitful. Lee denied the majority of the charges.

The outrage, which was revolved around a few clubs that Lee was associated with, additionally cleared up other K-pop stars, including Jung Joon-youthful and Choi Jong-hoon, who in 2019 were condemned to six and five years in jail, individually, after they were sentenced for assaulting a lady.

Jung was likewise seen as liable of recording the attack and disseminating the recording, which became exposed when police were exploring Lee. Sentences for both Jung and Choi were subsequently diminished.

YG Entertainment Inc, the organization that had addressed Lee until he had to stop media outlets after the charges surfaced in March 2019, was not quickly accessible for input on the decision.

Lee made his authority debut in August 2006 alongside BIGBANG's four different individuals: G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang and Daesung. They are not ensnared in the embarrassment.

BIGBANG is still uncontrollably mainstream notwithstanding the four excess individuals taking breaks for their tactical help, which all finished in 2019. A rebound get-together was gotten ready for the Coachella live concert last year, yet the occasion was dropped because of the pandemic.

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