PJ Washington fires back at Brittany Renner $200K child support rumors
PJ Washington fires back at Brittany Renner $200K child support rumors

Charlotte Hornets stud PJ Washington has been making all the wrong headlines of late. His recent (unwanted) rise to fame centers around some nasty rumors pertaining to alleged child support payments to ex-girlfriend Brittany Renner. Word on the street is that Washington is shelling out $200,000 a month to support his child with the Instagram model.

In case you’ve lost track of all the new slang kids have been using these days (honestly, I had to Google it myself the first time I came across this expression), “Stop the cap” loosely translates to “stop the lies.” In this respect, it is clear that the Hornets forward is sounding off on the rumor that he’s paying such a huge amount of money to his baby mama on a monthly basis.

For a brief background on Washington’s love affair with Renner, these two actually started going out in 2019 (h/t TMZ Sports). This was after Renner attended one of Washington’s games in Kentucky. They officially became a couple in 2020 and they welcomed a baby boy into their lives just this May. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse in their relationship and they eventually broke up a couple of months after the baby was born.

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