April 11, 2021

Dow University Karachi Date Sheet for MDS Semester II & III Exam 2020


Dow University of Health Sciences Karachi has been issued Date Sheet first year MDS Semester-II Community Dentistry (Batch-11), first year MDS Semester-II (Clinical Batch-9), first year MDS Dental Material (Basic Batch-12) Semester-II, first year MDS Semester-II Oral Biology (Basic Batch-12), 1sy year MDS Oral Pathology Semester-II, second year MDS Semester-III Dental Material (Basic Batch-11) regular Exam and second year MDS Semester-III (Basic Batch-7) Repeater Examination 2020.
Click below to view Date Sheet
MDS-Semester -II repeat 2020 Batch-11 Basic
MDS-Semester -II 2020 Clinical Batch-9
MDS-Semester -II Exam 2020 Batch-12 Basic Dental Material
MDS-Semester -II Exam 2020 Batch-12 Basic Oral Biology
MDS-Semester -II Exam 2020 Batch-12 Basic Oral Pathology
MDS-Semester -III 2020 Regular Basic batch -11
MDS-Semester -III 2020 repeater- Basic batch – 7

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