April 11, 2021

Spaceman’: Nick Jonas’ new song is out now

The wait is over for Nick Jonas fans as the American singer has finally dropped his much anticipated new song “Spaceman”.

The singer took to social media to share the news of his song’s arrival.

“The Spaceman era has begun, ” he wrote on Instagram, adding, “so excited to be starting this journey with all of you. I made this album while doing what most of us have been doing during this past year, sitting at home getting used to the new normal and hoping for better days ahead.”

He added, “There are four central themes we will explore on this album… Distance. Indulgence. Euphoria. Commitment.”

Nick Jonas said “Music has always connected the world and helped us to heal. I hope this music helps you on your journey through space and time.”

The singer concluded his Instagram post saying, “Spaceman (the song) is officially out now and the album is available for pre-order before it lands on March 12th.”

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