March 8, 2021

Jose Canseco fighting Barstool Sports so we don’t have to

On Friday evening, former MLB slugger Jose Canseco is going to fight a Barstool Sports intern. Soak all of that in for a second before we proceed, as that alone is a lot to unpack.For the sake of clarity, the intern heading into battle is not the man in the featured image. The person in that image is Barstool Sports general guru Bailey Carlin, who we used for the image since he’s easily the most handsome man at the company and uses his platform for mostly good.We’ll circle back to that in a second. In the meantime, here is Jose Canseco vowing to fight Barstool for… all of the internet?Our friend Bailey did not take kindly at that. The former Sports Illustrated and XFL talent, otherwise known as a Meme God, shot back at the former star of VH1’s Surreal Life (Season 5, for what it’s worth, which isn’t much).More like NO-se Canseco— B.W. Carlin (@BaileyCarlin) February 5, 2021The actual intern is named Billy Football. I’ve done zero research on the presumably young man, but his first name appears to be Billy and since it’s connected to football, you know he’s going to muck up Jose Canseco six different ways until Sunday.

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