March 4, 2021

Iowa Senate leaders change virtual meeting policy after ‘pornographic’ Zoom incident

Republicans in the Iowa Senate said they have changed their policy for participants in virtual subcommittee meetings after an incident that was “pornographic in nature” during a Monday morning hearing.The incident momentarily interrupted a virtual subcommittee meeting for the governor’s wide-ranging education bill, Senate Study Bill 1065. Approximately 280 people attended the online meeting. The attendees included children.Sen. Amy Sinclair, R-Allerton, stopped the meeting to say people who appeared without either a face or a name would be removed.”I will not tolerate pornography or hidden insults,” she said. “You will be removed from the subcommittee.”Iowa senators are holding all subcommittee meetings on bills virtually through Zoom this session as a precaution against the spreading coronavirus. Republicans, who hold the majority, set the chamber rules.

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