June 13, 2021

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury: Photo Mode, Giga Bell Power-Up and New Details Revealed

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury has gotten a new overview trailer, which reveals a number of new details, including a Snapshot photo mode, and details on how Fury Bowser is a timed event in the new spin-off adventure.
You can check out the trailer below, or read on for all the new details.
Super Mario 3D World Snapshot Mode
Super Mario 3D World now includes a version of Super Mario Odyssey’s Snapshot Mode, which allows you to freeze time, adjust the image, and change filters.
Collectible stamps – previously used for the Wii U Miiverse – are now usable in Snapshot mode, and can be applied to walls in your shots.
Bowser’s Fury: New Details
Bowser’s Fury, a full spin-off adventure, takes place in a kingdom of cats, Lake Lapcat, featuring cat-themed enemies, architecture and more.
You’re tasked with collecting Cat Shines spread across the kingdom.
Bowser Jr. will appear for solo players, aiding the player, but can be controlled by a co-op partner. It’s not clear if online co-op is supported.
After ‘a certain amount of time’ playing in Lake Lapcat, the gigantic Fury Bowser will appear, dropping from the sky and changing the weather.
Fury Bowser’s appearance sees spikes falling from the sky and changing the terrain.
Fury Bowser will attack players using powers that can destroy cover.
After an unspecified amount of time, Fury Bowser will retreat, returning Lake Lapcat to normal for a time.
Collecting enough Cat Shines will allow you to pick up the Giga Bell power-up, turning Mario into the kaiju-sized Cat Mario we saw in yesterday’s trailer.
In Super Mario 3D World, When used, the Cat Mario amiibo will summon an invincible White Cat Mario power-up.
In Super Mario 3D World, the Cat Peach amiibo summons a random power-up.
In Bowser’s Fury, we know both the Bowser and Bowser Jr. amiibo will cause power-ups. It’s not clear yet what they’ll specifically do, but we’ve seen Mario transform into an invulnerable statue version of Cat Mario, also earning coins

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