June 15, 2021

Counter-protesters ready to rally against ‘Million MAGA March’ attendees Saturday

As several pro-Trump groups have started descending on Washington this weekend, another group is mobilizing counter-protesters to greet them.

Lucha Bright is an organizer for Refuse Fascism, a group that was formed immediately following President Trump’s victory in 2016. She says that members of the group come from a lot of different backgrounds and viewpoints, but all united under a common idea.

What unifies us is that there’s a fascist regime that is in power now, and got into power with Donald Trump,” Bright said. “The way to remove it is to amass non-violent protests in the interest of humanity.
Bright is based out of the group’s headquarters in New York City and has been in DC for this election cycle to organize people in the streets and demand that President Trump leaves the White House.

“Trump lost an election. It should be clear that they should be out of power,” Bright said. “The Trump machine is trying to build up momentum for trying to steal the election.”

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