October 27, 2020

Anti-Trump ‘Living Statues’ Pop Up Around D.C.

Living statues were installed around Washington, D.C. on Friday morning depicting Trump in some of his most, um, recent memorable moments as president. A group of artists known as the Trump Statue Initiative is responsible for the statues, using local performers and theatrical workers to show Trump in three “acts” as they refer to them on their website. The result is something you really need to see to fully appreciate.

The first act shows Trump as “The Poser,” and immortalizes him during his “darkest hour as president.” The statue shows Black Lives Matters protesters being beaten by police near Lafayette Square — which happened in June — before Trump posed for photos in front of St. John’s Episcopal Church holding up a Bible. The second act shows one of Trump’s “most cowardly moments.” This one, called “The Bunker,” shows him hiding in his bunker (which he later said he was just inspecting) while protests erupted outside The White House. The actor is seen sitting, legs crossed, holding a teddy bear.

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