June 15, 2021

Drink In James Corden’s Mini Montage Of Donald Trump Weirdly Drinking Water

Take both your hands off your glass of water and put them together for James Corden’s new mini montage.

After joking on his Monday show about the “momentum” with which President Donald Trump descended a ramp after his speech to West Point graduates over the weekend, the “Late Late Show” host decided to turn to a more pressing subject: the super weird way the president drinks water.

Following a clip showing Trump oddly using both hands to hoist a glass of water during the speech, Corden said he’s never seen anyone drink that way.

“He drinks water like it’s mad at him,” said Corden. “This is where he needs help from the National Guard. Forget the protests.”

With that in mind, Corden decided to issue a short PSA spoof encouraging everyone to stay hydrated over summer. Thankfully, he had a mini montage of the president repeatedly struggling with his drinks to drive that message home.

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