January 27, 2021

Coronavirus: What’s going wrong in Sweden’s care homes?

More than half of elderly Covid-19 victims in Sweden have died in care homes. Some healthcare workers believe an institutional reluctance to admit patients to hospital is costing lives.

Lili Sedghi’s father, Reza, was not seen by a doctor on the day he died from coronavirus, at his care home in northern Stockholm.

A nurse told her he’d had a morphine shot in the hours before he passed away, but he was not given oxygen, nor did staff call an ambulance. “No-one was there and he died alone,” says Ms Sedghi. “It’s so unfair.”

Most of the 3,698 people who have died from coronavirus in Sweden so far were over 70, despite the fact that the country said shielding risk groups was its top priority.

Sweden, with 10m inhabitants, has kept more of society open than is the case in most of Europe.

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