January 23, 2021

Coronavirus: What’s the risk on public transport?

Since the UK went into lockdown, there have been reduced services on trains, buses and planes, and the government has advised against all but essential travel.

Now, with restrictions being eased in England, more people are being encouraged back to work.

The government says they should avoid public transport and walk, cycle or drive instead.

But if they can’t, what are the risks of taking the bus or train?

How safe are train and bus travel?
A lot of the potential risk of infection on trains and buses depends on how crowded they are, and so how far away you can keep from other people. This applies both on the vehicles and at stops and stations, and will vary in different parts of the country and on different routes.

Ventilation also plays an important role as fresh air can help droplets containing the virus dissipate faster, so being able to open a window can be an advantage.

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