October 20, 2020

Scottish exercise rule eased but disagreement over ‘stay alert’ message

Scotland’s First Minister has asked the UK government not to advertise its new “stay alert” message north of the border.

Nicola Sturgeon also said the devolved nations should not be learning about each other’s plans for the first time in the media.

She also stressed the situation remains “fragile” but confirmed an easing of the exercise guidelines.

From Monday the once-a-day limit will be removed.

But she said people must still stay close to home and emphasised the move does not extend to picnics, sunbathing or barbeques.

The first minister said the Sunday papers had been the first place she had seen the UK government’s new slogan and admitted: “I do not know what ‘Stay Alert’ means.”

Ms Sturgeon accepted the need for other parts of the UK to move at different speeds, based on scientific evidence and said she is committed to the closest possible cooperation.

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