August 4, 2020

Truth, freedom, justice. The (current) lesson of Aldo Moro

42 years after Aldo Moro’s death, we realize that men of his stature are lacking in the leading groups in the country. The President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella and Pope Francis are still perceived as points of reference. But in rethinking the figure of Aldo Moro, the sense of perspective is still felt
Aldo Moro has been gone for 42 years. Sometimes we try to imagine what he would have done if he had been still alive in this phase of deep crisis. An exercise of pure fantasy, given that the statesman would be an over one hundred year old, perhaps senator for life after becoming President of the Republic in the summer of 1978. Instead, on 9 May of that year the terrorists of the Red Brigades killed him, after to have kept him prisoner for 54 days in a narrow and bare space. I believe that Aldo Moro would have taken care to keep the country united, to reassure the citizens, to make sure that no one remained excluded and Italy isolated in the European context and in the international context. And he would also have been afraid of a rampant virus of which there were no known scientific antidotes and decisive vaccines. He was very afraid of diseases and recommended medicine and treatment to those who had health problems: he did it with his family, friends, colleagues and even with students at the end of university lessons. During a Christian Democratic congress,Mariano Rumor , Prime Minister had an illness. Aldo Moro, who was beside him, pulled out of one of his bags which he always kept with him a tablet that the prime minister managed to swallow, recovering miraculously. In those scholarships, of which much has been said, the statesman brought confidential documents, notes, the theses of his undergraduates of political sciences, but also drugs of all kinds. Moro has represented many things, all different, but exercised in full freedom even in the last days when he thought, wrote and prayed in a state of great compulsion and total solitude.

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