September 25, 2020

Coronavirus: Firms ready to restart within three weeks

That’s according to the latest British Chambers of Commerce Coronavirus Business Impact Tracker.

The BBC talked to companies in five different sectors to find out how prepared they are to return work and their new ways of doing business.

Some are rotating staff. Others have introduced remote services or plan to shut the office altogether.

“Businesses’ ability to restart quickly varies by company size and by sector,” said BCC director general Dr Adam Marshall.

The survey suggests that businesses that offer services to other business are the most ready, with two-thirds saying they would need less than one week or no notice at all to restart operations.

Fewer than half of firms serving consumers said they were confident of being ready that quickly.

“It will be crucial for the government to maintain and evolve support for businesses, to give as many firms as possible the chance to navigate a phased return to work,” said Dr Marshall.

Here, we talk to five different types of firms – office, construction, restaurant, factory and shop – to see what changes they’re making.

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