September 22, 2020

Pakistani designers unite for a virtual fashion showcase

In the world we now live in, everything has gone digital and the inevitable future, seems online. While the need for online entertainment booms, the requirement for fashion declines. Amid the global lockdown, luxuries cannot be prioritised anymore thus Catwalk CEO Freiha Altaf has found a way to keep the fashion industry, afloat.

A virtual fashion show called the ‘United Fashion Front,’ (UFF) is being organised to pay tribute to the front line fighters of Covid-19. The show, aside from attracting online buyers and reminding people of the Eid that should not be spent in despair, will represent Pakistan’s designers in a new, digital light.

Each designer will also donate an outfit or accessory from their Eid collection to the health care workers and those risking their lives to protect others amid the pandemic.

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