September 24, 2020

Daniel Pearl: Parents of murdered journalist launch appeal in Pakistan

The parents of murdered US journalist Daniel Pearl have filed an appeal with Pakistan’s Supreme Court to reverse a ruling overturning the convictions of four men in the case.

Pearl was kidnapped and beheaded in 2002 while investigating Islamist militants in Karachi, Pakistan.

Last month a court in Karachi overturned the death sentence of the man convicted of masterminding the killing, and acquitted three others.

The ruling was widely condemned.

Pearl was the Wall Street Journal’s Asia bureau chief when he was abducted and killed. A graphic video of his killing was sent to the US consulate a month later.

In a video statement, his father Judea Pearl said: “We have filed an appeal of this decision to the Pakistan Supreme Court.

“We are standing up for justice not only for our son, but for all our dear friends in Pakistan so they can live in a society free of violence and terror and raise their children in peace and harmony.”

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