January 24, 2021

Coronavirus: Watchdog threatens legal action on holiday refunds

Firms that fail to refund people for holiday and weddings cancelled because of the coronavirus outbreak could face legal action by the consumer watchdog.

The Competition and Markets Authority says it will take companies to court if they flout the law.

It says four out of five complaints made to its Covid-19 Taskforce are about cancellations and refunds.

Issues include holidaymakers being pressured to take vouchers instead of refunds for accommodation.

Meanwhile, some wedding venues are refusing to refund any money.

The CMA said the holiday vouchers being offered can only be used during a more expensive period, while wedding venues are telling people to claim on their insurance.

At the same time, the CMA said some nurseries were asking people to pay very high sums in order to keep a place open for their child.

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