September 24, 2020

Coronavirus: Millions more to be eligible for testing

Millions more people are to be eligible for coronavirus tests, according to government announcements on Tuesday.

In England, all care home residents and staff will be able to access tests from Wednesday, regardless of whether they have symptoms.

People over 65 and those who must leave home to work, as well as those they live with, will be able to get tested if they have symptoms of Covid-19.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are expected to follow suit.

It comes after figures revealed a third of all coronavirus deaths in England and Wales are now happening in care homes.

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Speaking at the daily coronavirus briefing, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said: “From construction workers to emergency plumbers, from research scientists to those in manufacturing, the expansion of access to testing will protect the most vulnerable and help keep people safe.”

Anyone eligible can book a test on the government’s test-booking website.

Last week, it closed temporarily following “exceptional demand” when key workers were first able to register.

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