September 29, 2020

Coronavirus: Harvard rejects Trump demand to pay back aid

Harvard University has pushed back against US President Donald Trump after he demanded it pay back nearly $9m (£7.3m) in coronavirus relief aid.

The president said he was unhappy that the ultra-wealthy Ivy League college had received stimulus money.

But the university said the funds would help students facing “urgent financial needs” because of the pandemic.

Harvard is rated the world’s wealthiest university with an endowment fund valued at $40bn.

At Tuesday’s coronavirus briefing, Mr Trump told a journalist: “I want Harvard to pay that money back, OK? If they won’t do that, we won’t do something else.

“They have to pay it back, I don’t like it. This is meant for workers, this isn’t meant for one of the richest institutions, not only, far beyond schools in the world. They got to pay it back.”

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