September 20, 2020

Trump’s old friend Piers Morgan watches briefings ‘with mounting horror,’ urges president to stop ‘self-aggrandizing’

Piers Morgan, the outspoken host of “Good Morning Britain,” issued a personal plea Sunday to his old friend, asking President Trump to stop “playing petty politics” with the coronavirus pandemic and to “stop making it about yourself.”

Appearing on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” with host Brian Stelter, the longtime Trump ally said he was watching the president’s daily coronavirus briefings “with mounting horror.” Trump, he said, couldn’t seem to stop blaming governors or attacking Democrats, and kept wasting time quarreling with reporters.

The whirlwind news conferences were becoming “almost like a rally to him — almost like what’s more important is winning the election in November,” Morgan said.

“No it’s not, Donald Trump. What is more important right now is saving American lives,” he said.

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