January 18, 2021

Coronavirus: Stars take part in One World: Together At Home concert

A star-studded global event to support frontline workers tackling the coronavirus outbreak has begun.

The One World: Together At Home show will see more than 100 artists including the Rolling Stones and Billie Eilish play live from their homes.

Lady Gaga, who helped organise the concert, will also perform.

The eight-hour event run by the Global Citizen movement and the World Health Organization (WHO) is being live-streamed and broadcast on TV.

It began with a montage of people under lockdown applauding the efforts of healthcare workers around the world – from France, Spain, the UK and US and elsewhere.

“To all of our frontline healthcare workers, we are with you. Thank you for being there for us,” read an on-screen caption.

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The event will also be telling real-life stories of nurses and doctors fighting the coronavirus outbreak.

Proceeds generated from the concert will go to the Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the WHO, but Lady Gaga has made clear that the show is not a fundraising telethon and will focus on entertainment and messages of solidarity.

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