September 28, 2020

Quiz: What happened to Charles and Diana Ingram after the show’s events?

If you don’t remember 2001 then you need to get up to speed on Hear’Say, DJ Otzi and Emma Bunton’s solo career. You’ve also been given a new chance to learn about a remarkable moment in British TV history – the story of how a couple from Wiltshire cheated their way to a fortune on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Back then, before Netflix and Amazon Prime, 19 million people would regularly tune in for the game show.

The new chance comes in the form of three-part drama Quiz, which is based around the show and – most importantly – the three people found guilty of conspiring to cheat: Charles and Diana Ingram and a man they’d never met, Tecwen Whittock.

The third and final part of the series centred on their court case – they were found guilty but got suspended jail sentences so didn’t go to prison.

The claim was Diana Ingram and Whittock coughed from the audience to help Charles Ingram answer the 15 questions correctly. Coughing was funnier in 2001 than it is in 2020.

But what has happened to the Ingrams in the 17 years since that world famous court case? Well, they now live in Bath selling custom jewellery, and Charles Ingram tweets a lot about Brexit – but there’s a lot more to say…

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