September 19, 2020

‘Shamed’ despite sticking to social distancing rules

The social distancing rules and stay at home messages which aim to stop the spread of coronavirus have changed the way people are living their lives.

Those who ignore the regulations have faced condemnation or even police action, but even those who have been abiding by the rules can find themselves experiencing social distancing shaming.

The government guidance is clear – people should only leave home for a very limited number of reasons.

These include shopping for basic necessities and to take daily exercise, either alone or with members of your household.

Coronavirus: What is social distancing?
How to keep two metres apart
However, a number of people say they have found themselves the subject of criticism or abuse while taking part in that daily exercise routine.

George, 68, from Edinburgh, told how he had stopped to speak to a friend – making sure they kept a “large” distance between them – after they happened to meet during his daily walk in The Meadows in Edinburgh.

He said: “Suddenly this woman came up to us shouting that we were too close and produced a measuring tape from her pocket.

“She then began measuring the distance between us.”

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