January 25, 2021

Coronavirus: UK enters fourth week of lockdown ahead of review

The UK is facing its fourth week in lockdown, with the government set to review by Thursday whether social distancing measures can be changed.

Ministers are required by law to assess whether the rules are working, based on expert advice, after three weeks of telling Britons to stay at home.

It comes as an NHS boss has warned staff are facing a “hand-to-mouth” supply of protective gowns.

Meanwhile, the PM has thanked NHS staff after being discharged from hospital.

The mother of a nurse who Boris Johnson specifically praised said she was “exceptionally proud” of her daughter.

Wales’ health minister said last week that the coronavirus lockdown would remain for “several more weeks at the very least”.

And Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon warned there was “no likelihood or prospect” of measures being lifted after the Easter weekend.

On Sunday, the UK’s total number of hospital deaths linked to coronavirus reached 10,612.

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