January 26, 2021

Will we ever take cruise holidays again?

David Reece and his wife Carolyn should be sipping cocktails somewhere in the Indian Ocean at the moment.

But their latest cruise line holiday has been cancelled because of the coronavirus outbreak. And they are missing it – as confirmed devotees of cruise vacations they have been on nearly 20 over the past two decades.

For the retired couple from Plymouth it all started by accident. “I was sent to the travel agents to book a cheap holiday in the Canaries, and I came back having booked a cruise in the Red Sea,” says David. “Carolyn didn’t talk to me for two weeks.”

But they loved it, and ever since they have travelled all over the world on cruise ships; from the Baltic to the Caribbean, and from Australia to Brazil.

For them it is the perfect holiday, as David explains: “We had the idea it was all about crossing the Atlantic, sitting on deckchairs with a blanket over your knees. [But in reality], the ships are really mobile hotels, and we wake up somewhere different every day… we use it to go to places we want to see.”

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