January 26, 2021

Coronavirus and chloroquine: Is there evidence it works?

There has been a global surge in demand for drugs normally used against malaria to tackle the coronavirus, as governments urgently seek out treatments for the new disease.

Chloroquine, and a related derivative, hydroxychloroquine, have gained attention – despite the World Health Organization (WHO) saying there is no definitive evidence they work.

So what is the current evidence of their effectiveness as a treatment for the coronavirus, and who is using them?

What do we know about these drugs?
President Trump has frequently referred to the potential of hydroxychloroquine in White House briefings. At a recent press conference, he referred to it and said: “What do you have to lose? Take it.”

In a video removed by Facebook for breaching its misinformation guidelines, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro claimed “hydroxychloroquine is working in all places”.

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