June 13, 2021

S Korea and China infections remain low

South Korea has reported fewer than 50 new infections for the first time since late February when the country was the worst-hit outside of China.

Officials said 47 more people had been confirmed with the virus and three had died. Overall, South Korea now has 10,237 confirmed infections although more than 6,400 of those have already recovered. The death toll stands at 183.

The government has extended social distancing rules for another two weeks but the country has so far avoided more stringent lockdown measures seen in Europe and the Unites States – largely through a campaign of thorough testing.

China has seen a slight uptick with 39 new infections compared to 30 the previous day. All but one of the new cases were imported from abroad, officials said. The country also registered 78 new asymptomatic cases.

Imported and asymptomatic cases, who can give it to others but show no symptoms, have become China’s main focus in recent weeks.

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