January 26, 2021

Japan expected to declare state of emergency

Parts of Japan are expected to go into a state of emergency in the coming days. That’s according to Japanese media, as the number of confirmed infections continues to rise despite measures to contain the virus.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is expected to announce the move later on Monday though it’s thought it won’t come into effect that same day. It likely won’t be for the entire country but for big cities such as Tokyo and Osaka only.

The decision would give the government the power to implement stricter measures to ask people to stay at home or to close businesses. It will not, though, give Mr Abe the power to impose full lockdowns like we’ve seen in China, or some European countries, where there are heavy fines for breaking the rules.

Japan has had more than 3,600 confirmed infections and 85 deaths. There’s particular concern for Tokyo, where the number of people with confirmed infections has been sharply rising and now exceeds 1,000.

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