January 27, 2021

Fox News Host Chris Wallace, Surgeon General Jerome Adams Spar Over Pandemic Shutdown

Surgeon General Jerome Adams and Fox News host Chris Wallace sparred today over Adams’s choice of words during a Sunday interview on the pandemic shutdown. The conversation provoked an unusual amount of mudslinging online between the two sides of the political aisle.

During the conversation, Adams defended the fact that nine states have not issued shut down orders, and likened the coronavirus to cigarette smoking. Wallace leaped on that comment, saying one is done by choice, the other acquired.

Adams fell into word salad by talking about a report on tobacco cessation released earlier this year. “And we know that states have different laws there. And more people will die, even in the worst projections, from cigarette smoking in this country than are going to die from — from coronavirus this year. And so we always are struggling with trying to get information out to guide people that we know will help them be healthy with states’ rights.”

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