January 19, 2021

Alarming Video Appears to Show Ezra Miller Choking a Woman on Street. Is It a Joke? Does That Matter?

The girl has a smile on her face and steps happily toward her apparent attacker, which has led some to believe it’s a prank, a set-up, or a bit of impromptu role play.

But the panicked reaction of the cameraman, saying “Whoa, bro! Bro!” as the girl is pushed to the ground, has led some to speculate that the encounter might have spiraled out of control.

Whatever the truth of the matter, it’s still undeniably alarming to see Ezra Miller, a famously sensitive artist who identifies as non-binary and queer, trending on social media after a clip of him appearing to choke a female fan on the streets of Reykjavik went viral.

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