January 15, 2021

UK Health Secretary: ‘Unbelievable’ people are still not following rules

Sunbathing is not allowed and it is “quite unbelievable” that some people are not following the government’s guidance to stay at home during the coronavirus pandemic, the UK’s health secretary has said.

Matt Hancock, who tested positive for Covid-19 last month, said a small minority of people are still not adhering to social distancing requirements.

It comes after local authorities in the UK said people were congregating in parks and on the south coast during the warm weather on Saturday.

He told Sky that sunbathing is against the rules, adding: “It’s quite unbelievable, frankly, to see that there are some people who are not following advice.”

He added that the guidance is “crystal clear” and “backed up in law”.

He also revealed that 8% of NHS staff are currently off work, most of them doctors.

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