November 29, 2020

Coronavirus: What does it mean if I’ve been furloughed by work?

Until recently, many people in the UK had never heard of furlough.

But the impact of coronavirus on the economy means that over the next few months millions of workers will rely on the scheme.

Questions directed at Chancellor Rishi Sunak have been asked on social media under the hashtag #AskRishi.

Many people have complained the scheme does not extend to those who had already signed a contract or switched jobs after the 28 February cut-off date.

What is furlough?
Furloughing is designed to support firms that have been badly hit by coronavirus, and to prevent mass unemployment. It will temporarily help pay the wages of people who can’t do their jobs, to help companies retain them.

Being furloughed means employees are kept on the payroll, even though they aren’t working.

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