September 20, 2020

Drake’s Baby Mama Sophie Brussaux Shares Her Own Photos Of Rapper’s Son Adonis

As The Blast first reported, Drake shared the first snap of 2-year-old Adonis on Instagram this morning. He has tried to keep his son out of the limelight since his birth.

Sophie had respected the wish by never posting photos of Adonis on social media until now. Drake’s baby mama followed his lead and shared a ton of family photos including inside Adonis’ 2nd birthday party held at the rapper’s custom-built mansion in Toronto.

Sophie captioned the photos on her account, “Let’s live happily, live in hiding “… but a little love in this bully world is good. I thank God every day for my wonderful family and my friends, who are also my family even without sharing the same blood, and I wish you all so much happiness and love, to keep your loved ones in your heart at this time difficult, which will come to an end, we will all come out stronger. 🇬🇧

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