June 22, 2021

Toyota Autonomous Workhorse Patent Is A Real Thing

Toyota has been exploring new ways of mobility. No, not for people, but for store-bought goods and supplies. A patent filed by the Japanese automobile manufacturer focuses on what it calls a “Home Improvement Store Autonomous Workhorse”, and you can read all about it in this complete document here. Now the applications seem to cut across a lot of industries, but the general idea is that an autonomous vehicle can be availed of at a home improvement store you’re shopping at. Let’s say you’ve already filled the trunk of your SUV to the brim, but forgot to grab that extra set of PVC pipes for your home gardening project. No worries, just request the autonomous workhorse to store those and have it follow you home, unload it for you, then automatically head back to the store.

Toyota says that the autonomous vehicle can be powered by a myriad of sources; batteries, fuel cells, and regular fuel. The AV will also not be limited to the wheeled variety – the main body definition is broad enough to cover things like a boat and aircraft, so living on a secluded island won’t be a problem.

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