January 16, 2021

PMQs: Jeremy Corbyn bows out with campaigning vow

Jeremy Corbyn has said “his voice will not be stilled” as he took part in his final Prime Minister’s Questions as Labour leader.

He warned the PM not to deliver his political “obituary”, as he would not stop campaigning for social justice.

Boris Johnson paid tribute to his opponent’s “sincerity and determination to build a better society”.

MPs are set to begin their Easter recess later on Wednesday, earlier than planned, due to coronavirus.

Making his final Commons contribution in his four and half years as leader of the opposition, Mr Corbyn passionately urged the country to come together at this “hugely stressful” time.

“This crisis shows us how deeply we depend on each other. We will only come through this as a society with a huge collective effort.

“At a time of crisis no-one is an island, no-one is self-made… At times like this we have to recognise the value of each other and the strength of a society that cares for each other and cares for all.”

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