June 13, 2021

Mercyhealth issues temporary furloughs for its employees

Effective Monday, March 23, a temporary furlough program will be put in place for employee/partners who are not providing direct patient care and for those that provide services that can be delayed.

Mercyhealth officials say they do not expect this to last more than a few weeks. In a press release, the medical system says, “Mercyhealth continues to work hard to ensure our patient care teams are prepared as the COVID-19 pandemic has hit our community. We must abide by orders from the State of Illinois, and likely soon Wisconsin, to “shelter in place” and maintain social distancing until further notice. These are unprecedented times. In order to make sure we are positioned to meet our patients’ expected needs for critical care services and survive the economic challenges presented by this COVID-19 situation, Mercyhealth had to make difficult decisions.

Mercyhealth Human Resources will be available to assist partners with questions about these temporary furloughs to help employees through this difficult time.

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