January 26, 2021

WWE Releases ‘I Wasn’t There’ WrestleMania 36 T-Shirts Amid Coronavirus Cancellation

As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to bring out what some would argue is the worst in WWE, the worldwide leader has chosen to flex its sense of humor.

With the promotion spending much of last week embroiled in a standoff against Tampa city officials regarding whether or not to cancel the stadium-filling WrestleMania 36, WWE has shown a degree of levity despite the global pandemic’s negative impact on its business.

WWE recently released “I Wasn’t There” t-shirts, a parody of the annual “I Was There” t-shirts to commemorate the previously incomparable fan experience of WrestleMania. The t-shirts currently retail at $27.99.

Despite the whimsical nature of “I Wasn’t There” t-shirts, serious collectors of pro wrestling memorabilia may want to move on purchasing these items given the historical nature of the larger-than-life WrestleMania franchise being moved to an empty-arena venue for a two-night pay-per-view.

If WWE has its way, this will never happen again. If it indeed never happens again, WWE’s bold new t-shirt concept could become iconic.

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