January 21, 2021

Pakistani engineers develop anti-bacterial wipes to help protect from coronavirus

The Punjab University’s chemical engineers have developed anti-bacterial disposable wipes and sanitiser on a par with the standards of the World Health Organisation (WHO) to help protect people from coronavirus.

Addressing a press briefing on Sunday, Punjab University (PU) Vice Chancellor Prof Niaz Akhter said people were ignoring many things which could be a source of spreading coronavirus such as mobile phones, purses, keys, pens, door handles, stair railings, ATMs and public washrooms.

“We have decided to develop anti-bacterial disposable wipes to be used on such things to avoid contracting coronavirus,” he said
He was flanked by PU Department of Polymer Engineering and Technology’s Associate Professors Dr Bilal Haider, Dr Atif Islam and Assistant Professor Dr Areeba Farooq. The vice chancellor said he had instructed PU’s chemical engineers to develop anti-bacterial sanitisers.

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