April 14, 2021

US tightens controls as coronavirus spreads

As the number of imported cases start rising across Asia – South Korea is leaving nothing to chance – the country is set to test all arrivals coming from Europe.

If the test is negative:

South Korean citizens or those on long term visas will still be asked to isolate themselves for 14 days, either at home if they have an address in the country or in a government facility.
If a foreigner arrives in South Korea from Europe for just a short term stay and tests negative for the virus, they will have to download a phone application to check their symptoms daily and they will be called by health officials every day.
If they test positive for the virus:

They will be quarantined and treated according to their symptoms. All other travellers from overseas will face special entry procedures including a temperature check, medical questionnaire and daily checks on their symptoms via an application on their phone.

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